Saying Goodbye to Freshman Year

    Coronavirus. You hear it all everywhere, from the conversation happening at the table to the TV playing in the background. It’s almost as if the word is as infectious as the disease itself. Will you catch it? Will you give into the temptation of weighing in your opinion on the epidemic? And when you do, will your opinion even matter?

Fear of catching this virus has driven universities all around the country to close down campuses because as seen in the senior homes in Kirkland, WA, people living in close quarters is the perfect ground for the virus to thrive. In less than a day, six of my friends left for home and suddenly the campus felt unhealthily vacant. Things are changing, and it’s going too fast for me to process. COVID-19 brought upon this community unforeseen circumstances that we did not project before.

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College Update #2

Hi there.

It is currently 1:05AM and I’m studying for my psychology exam that’s on Friday.

I’m blessed to have an amazing center right across from my dorm building that is open until 2AM and serves food that you can purchase with your meal plan dollars. It’s surprisingly a nice place to work at and I enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

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College Update #1

It’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog because I’ve been swarmed with the pressure of adjusting to college. I’m currently entering week three of school, and I already feel so overwhelmed with everything.

There’s so many things I love about this place though. It’s so wonderful to wake up to sunny weather every day with a cloudless sky hanging over my head. The campus is MASSIVE and I feel like I haven’t explored even half of it yet! The food isn’t too bad either 😉

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