An excerpt that I liked

I was reading an article by Trisha Low called “Against Pure Cinema” and I came across this excerpt that I wanted to share:

it is very complicated to make art about race when you are a raced person making art; when you want to show the shadows as well as the light 

there is no identity that does not elide another, there is no person who occupies only one identity position, there is no material circumstance that cannot swallow it all

there no ideology that will protect you from being chased down the street by people who are trying to kill you

there is no art that can be fully positive about expressing identity, especially when the world is not affirming of any experience of otherness. humans are not made to be unfeeling about being othered. we live in the world and the world is not correct; art that exists within it is not correct either

at the same time as i am not invested in art being “correct” i acknowledge that there are some things that are undeniably wrong

there is no identity category that makes you immune to being an asshole

i have many privileges, the financial stability to make art being one, but a privilege i do not enjoy is immunity from the burden of having to consider, at every moment, whether or not the way i live my identity is “correct,” and corollary to this, whether the way that i perform it in my art is “correct,” and corollary to that, whether people’s perceptions of my identity will affect the way they view my work

all this sometimes feels more important than the art i am trying to make (this form, style, affect) to everyone but myself

sometimes, hearing the word “diversity” in relation to issues of curation feels like a matter of “correctness.” it makes me feel like you think this is something that can just be rectified or accomplished, as though fixing a lineup is like repairing a door, like you are talking and it seems so easy to talk about it you are talking about it all day, but i don’t know what to say, i have nothing to say to you like i have to live this, this is my life and life is neither correct nor simple

From Trisha Low’s “Against Pure Cinema” (2019)

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